12 days old male child have a teeth since 3days DX,



Natal tooth. Needs extraction if interfare with breast feeding. I can see an ulcer below the tongue or this may be artifact.

Thanks for your valuable opinion sir

congenital from birth itself in few cases they will present. trouble to mother in feeding this child . taking care regarding the feeding gives some help. if problem is severe then extraction is nessasary

Natal teeth not to worry ask to mother taking care during feeding if ..problem generate during feeding thn ask to mother to give squeezed own milk...

Natal tooth....Extraction should be done if causing problem in breastfeeding... and if there is risk of aspiration ( if it is mobile)

this is indication of syco-syphaltic misam. take praper histry of mather find mental condition.

it's natal teeth. must b erupting now. not to worry

natal teeth ...some babies r born with teeth

natal tooth. rx extraction. .

calc.phos6x marsol 30

Dx : NATAL TEETH. Rx. Extraction of the NATAL tooth after doing the Co--gulation profile. Risk of Aspiration, so urgent Extraction is Mandatory.

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