12 male patient Swelling over both knee joint back pain R> 10 months injuries left knee causing pain swelling over the injured region on and off since since symptoms of persisted and worsed was further evaulted MRI reported evedince of synovitis And osteocondrtitis lateral femoral console both undergo arthscopy synovectomy fragment withdebrighment both knee Past history Know of case bill Td2m Hin Baby Tab Epilisy Exmination knee Patient conscious pretend No pallor No cynasis No anemia No lympdenopathy No clubbing No uterus Wt- 38.6 Ht - 148 cm Local examination Left knee - warmth + , swelling + no tenderness Right knee -= warmth, mild swelling, no tenderness Investigation Hb - 17.6 Blood Grup - Aib Blood oh typing

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Ruta 1m dingle does Arnica Q Hypericum Q Desmodium Q mix each equl ratio 10 drop 3times Magnesia phos Kali phos both 6 x 4t 3times daily

Kali iod Calc flour Phytolacca


Drosera guaiacum

Arnica Ruta May be helpful

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