12yrs male child Chief Complaints Fever since 5days Cough Abdominal pain Vitals Stable Physical Examination RS- B/L crepts P/A- Tenderness + Investigations Weil felix- negative Dengue- negative CRP- 75 CBC n CXR attached Diagnosis ?? Management ??


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cxr normal . crp is high . there lymphocytosis plus thrombocytopenia n eosinophil zero . along with lrti . patient might b suffering from enteric fever too . my advise inj montaz 1 gm twice daily . azithromycin at a dose of 20 mg / kg / day tab mefkind forte 1 tab sos for pain n fever . tab aciloc rd 1 tab twice daily . syp ascoril ls 7.5 ml thrice daily

Fever + cough + abd pain crepts + abd tender CRP raised Mild anemia + Thrombocytopenia ( normal tlc + no absolute lymphocytosis) Ruled out Dengue, rickettsia, malaria Possible diagnosis 1. Viral bronchopneumonia causing hepatitis to cause abdominal pain ( check LFT for raised transaminase) (most likely) 2. Enteric fever (cough and crepts not common) 3. Viral Fever with heart failure manifested as abdominal pain and crepts. (Vitals stable rules this out but still it's one of the explanation) Check these out

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acute mild Bronchitis:,-neulizastion,sitting as 45 digri. Medication:-zerodol p tab,3 time,dortin m tab 3 time.Rabiz DSR befor fasting,patio 40 mg 2 time, novamax CV 625 mg,2 time,Ab flow 2 time Microcytic anemia definition Microcytosis is a term used to describe red blood cells that are smaller than normal. Anemia is when you have low numbers of properly functioning red blood cells in your body. In microcytic anemias, your body has fewer red blood cells than normal. The red blood cells it does have are also too small. Several different types of anemias can be described as microcytic. Microcytic anemias are caused by conditions that prevent your body from producing enough hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is a component of your blood. It helps transport oxygen to your tissues and gives your red blood cells their red color. Iron deficiency causes most microcytic anemias. Your body needs iron to produce hemoglobin. But other conditions can cause microcytic anemias, too. To treat a microcytic anemia,  may recommend that you take iron and vitamin C supplements. The iron will help treat the anemia while the vitamin C will help increase your body’s ability to absorb the iron.R.B Tone syrup spoon 2t time,advise to anaemia(iron deficiency diet chart

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Bronchopneumonia Anemia Further evaluation is required for anemia treatment Antibiotics orally Nsaid orally Cough expectorant orally

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CXR—>showing Bilateral Paracardiac focal opacities &also ? Peribronchial cuffing, CBC—>Anemia c Thrombocytopenia c raised CRP ??R/O Covid-19

Streak in rt midzone Thrombocytopenai Anaemia Cbnat R/0 dengue Koch's with thrombocytopenai

Consider other atypical infection Get COVID 19 antigen as well antibody done Possibility of Kawasaki like reaction MISC, Also consider non infective inflammatory condition

Peri bronchiall cuffing. Infective etiology

Bilateral parahilar pulmonary infiltrate. ? Infective aetiology. Cardiological evaluation

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