Chest Pain, Palpitation

30/F, C/o :- Chest pain, palpitation, pain from left to right side. Palpitation more after closinv of Eye during sleep so unable to sleep. - Heaviness of Head, weight in head - feeling of cough stick in throat - both upper and lower extremities pain. Aggravation by physical exersion. - Constipation since 3 year. Not satisfactory stool passing. Patient has to wait for stool passing but still unsatisfactory. - H/o : warm infestation, Pulmonary Koch's before 8 year taking allopathic treatment Appetite - less Stomach - desire khichadi Urine - normal Thirst - normal. More during night Thermal - chilly+++ Sleep - disturbed due to palpitation after closing eye. Left side sleep. As the heart rate increases during sleep, she has to waking up. Dream - death person of relative and other Mind :- 7th Study Calm nature Think about other. Having frequent contemplation Anything gets too caught up Living alone causes more trouble If someone doesn't believe me, I get angry During sleep Think about what will happen to me Do not overwork. An overweight item cannot be lifted Suggest Treatment?

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Thank you doctor
Dr Ranjit Kumar Poriya Homeopathy C/O Patient Chest Pain, Palpitation, Pain From left to right Side,Weight in head, Contripation 3yrs. Diagnosis For Female Contripation Tendency Women Gas Formation Excessive Wind in the Stomach By Pressure Heart Diagram After Spread Chest. No Cardiac Problem. Main Source Abdomen Problem. Easy Normal Stoll Regularly Recovery Chest Pain. Avoid Oily Food. Normally Diet. Rx Sulphur 200, Weekly 1dose X1month = 4dose. Nuxvom 200 Xbd.
Heart symptoms < by left side sleep , dreams of dead , wants company , chilly , h/o anti tuberculosis treatment... etc Phosphorus - may be useful to the case.
DIGITALIS 30 , one'dose daily for 3 days than take history and share
Lachasis 200 single dose and wait for two weeks than review case
Thank you doctor

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Rx Lachesis 200/single dose
Advise ECG and CXR