The most valuable allopathic drugs but with having dangerous side effects can become the important homeopathic remedies. One may call them as Nosodes also. Cyclosporin is one such, which also spelled as Ciclosporin is an immuno-suppressing drug of allopathy which is commonly used in the patients of organ transplantation like kidney and bones. During the AIDS epidemic, in Europe some homeopaths made nosode from this and claimed as successful in treating some AIDS patients before the invention of anti-retro-viral drugs of AZT (Azidothymidine) group. In the same way, one of the most famous drug of allopathy from Salicylate group which was used as anti-rheumatic and as analgesics, later, which was found as destructive to kidneys. In homeopathy, this became very important remedy with having extensive range of action affecting the head, ear, throat, kidney and liver, also on metabolism, haemorrhages specially epistaxis. This also produces marked effects upon the internal ear with vertigo, deafness, with noises in ear and loss of bone conduction etc. Today, lots of patients which use anti-diabetic drugs shown loss of bone conduction or density, also termed as osteoporosis of bones, leading to laziness with weariness may be helpful to this if used in homeopathic form. Since the misuse of this drug, which is very common in the society in cases of fever, headache, tiredness, fatigue and body aches and arthritis etc has given variety of side effects like tinnitus and auditory vertigo with noises in ear. The patient feels as if would fall down and he becomes irritable also. In patients with history of taking drugs of Salicylate group like Acetyl Salicylate, Aspirin or Phenacetin or the derivatives of these for a long time with all above said symptoms can be benefitted with the same drugs if used in homeopathic nosode form. Same is with Carticosteroid, prolong use of this in patients of arthritis, allergy, asthma and some kidney problems giving rise to bundle of complications. The nosodes prepared from these carticosteroids have proved significant beneficial effects in such cases. In olden days, a homeopathic nosode prepared from Streptomycin has shown a very useful effect in anti-dotting the toxic effects of this. In those patients of TB those undergone taking this drug for a long time during the treatment of TB (tuberculosis) because it found as a bacterio-cidal for killing the germs of TB. Many such patients after using Streptomycin lost their hearing power. The nosode prepared from the same shown the recovery of hearing in certain cases of such type. I mean to say, the story of using nosodes as remedy in homeopathy is not new, even before the discovery of homeopathy. I am just using the concept behind this, that 'a poison for poison' also a similia i.e. 'Likes to be treated by like.' A person after getting kidney transplantation with the prolong use of Cyclosporin as preventive if developing AIDS, that AIDS why cannot be treated through the nosode prepared from the same Cyclosporin. Cyclosporin is an Immuno-suppressant drug so is the HIV which is causing AIDS. This is how certain homeopaths in Europe and America tried Cyclosporin Nosode in some AIDS patients and claimed successful.


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Very informative post sir
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