15 year male presented with history of dyspnoea, orthopnoea and exertional palitation since three years. history of fever before three years no history s/o rhematic fever



Xray chest suggests huge cardimegaly with ecg suggest biventricular hypertrophy r/o valvular heart disease and cardiomypathy

Thanx dr Ritesh Vekariya

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Gross cardiomegaly . Pericardial effusion could be Tubercular origin . Rheumatic pancarditis . Pneumonic origin pericarditis with effusion . Any relavant investigations done ?Echo ,Anti Steptolysin titre ,. What are the ascultation findings please ? Surprisingly voltage of ECG are normal . Cong Heart Disease can be considered once ascultation findings are known .

ECHO will settle diagnosis

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Huge cardiomegaly. Possibly pericardial effusion/DCM. Needs to do 2 D Echo CD for detail study.

Huge cardiomeagaly Ecg diffuse st /t wave changes. Biventricular hypertrophy. Pl evaluate for Hypertropic cardiomyopathy. 2d echo will solve the problem

huge cardiomegaly ,vascular pedical wide carina splaying so dilated heart not pericardial effusion as ecg also suggests the biventricular and biatrial enlagement, tachycardia so in this senario diagnosis is DIALATED CARDIOMYOPATHY either post viral or any other etiology.

Why patient of pericardial effusion have dyspnoea , orthopnoea and palpitations for 3 years?

X-ray- cardiomegaly. ECG- Sinus Tachycardia with biventricular hypertrophy.

CXR. Globally Dileted cardiomegaly. ECG. Junctional tachycardia. LBBB. Massive cardiac hypertrophy

Cxr reveals cardiomegaly. Ecg shows bi ventricular hypertrophy.what is the 2D echo report?

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