female/41 pain and bleeding from the gums since 3 week. right side molar tooth covered with gums. mostly bleed while brushing. plz. Dx and suggest Tx



Wear gloves during examination..its due to 3rd molar eruption..Pericoronitis.. Antibiotics analgesic Betadine gargle..Saline gargle..Gumpaint..mertrohex ointment
Thank you doctor
There are three methods for treatment of pericoronitis depending on the severity of the condition: -Management of pain and resolving the pericoronal inflammation and/or infection with antibiotics,pain killers and mouthwash -Minor oral surgery to remove the overlapping gingival tissue (operculectomy) -Finally Removal of the wisdom tooth in the affected region
This is a case of Pericoronitis Betadine saline irrigation is advised in the same region to clear the food debris Oral betadine rinses OD Prescribe antibiotics and analgesics to patient for 3 days If symptoms subside within a week then its alright if the problem becomes recurrent despite of medicinal treatment extraction is the only option left It is a case of vertical impaction so in most cases symptomatic relief is sufficient and extraction is postponed Local metrogyl gel 4-5 times a day will also be beneficial Thanks
There is inflamed pericoronal flap wrt to the third molar Also the teeth are attrided on the buccal side Do oral prophylaxis Ask the patient for any trauma fron occlusion Tell him to brush with soft bristled brush. Oral hygiene instructions to be given.
Wear gloves while examination and procedure. Safe for both patient and for you. Pericoronitis, prescription must an amoxyclav, pain killer with enzyme, povidine gargle, warmsaline and gum astringent
Wear gloves during examination pericoronitis.... Tab.ofloxacin+ornidazole .cap. DSR. and antioxidant with Lycopene 5000mcg. For 8 days will help. Follow up after a week.
@Dr. Arvind Vishwakarma Partially Impacted 3red molar, with inflamed pericoronal flap ....antibiotics analgesic....followed by extraction
Pericoronitis... Do localised curettage.., prescribe metronidazole 400mg TDs analgesics........review after a week
Parially impacted 3rd molar with Distal caries.If recurrent pain History than Go for Extn.Thanks
Thank you doctor
pericoronitis... antibiotics analgesic betadine gargle..
Thank you doctor
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