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16/F suffering from right renal stone c/o pain ++ burning micturition ++ should i go for hydrotherapy or start homoeopathic treatment for this case ? because stone is near VUJ what is convienient for patient sugget please .


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berberis Q silicea 200 given which removed the stone

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Canthris.30 TDD

Go for homeopathy tt

Berberis V 200 Cantharis 200 Banzoic Acid 200

Niri syr can be use for uti

Sarsaparilla Q Hydrangea 30 tds Lyco 200 bd And lots of water to drink daily abt 2-3 litre

Rx Sharbat Bazuri 10 ml TDs Majoon Hajrul yahud 5gm BD Cap-Pantop-DSR BBF Plenty of Water Avoid meat rice and junk food

Rx - Pareira . Brava - Q may be given in hot water immediately relief .

Berberis Vulgareis Q Cantharis

Berberis vulgaris. & Cantharis .

Berberis vol 30 tds Cantharis 30 tds Thuja 1M double doge 10 minute interval once a week

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