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16 year female patient with H/o swelling in left upper neck for 2 years and weakness in left upper and lower limbs for last 1 year.Now, power in left limb is 3/5. Diagnosis and approach please??


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Spinal cord tumor

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Large dumbell schwanomma.. Surgery is likely to deliver good outcome..need lot of expertise due to the junctional area and vertebral artery plus large venous plexus

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Spinal cord tumour

Spinal cord tumor

Have you got FNAC done from the lesion, appears like benign conditions, possibility like nerve sheath tumour. Weakness due to cord compression.

C.v junction tumour

No need exicision . It treat by condition on tumour size . Size is more than 2.5 mm than exicision . And less then only therepy . Therepy only on pgi chandigadh and aiims

Could be a spinal cord meningioma, needs excision by lateral cervical approach,

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