16 yr vaginal rash 3rd day after menstruation Dx and Rx



As she is 16 yr and no h/o sexual contact ,and history suggestive of 3rd day after menstruation ,may be due to use of pads

Can it be due to contact dermatitis of pads used as it came from 2nd day of menstruation.

Probably due to sanitory napkins.Ask to change napkins after certain time n hygiene

Herpes ( genital )?

Genital herpes ?

Herpes genitalis

Genital Herpes

Napkin rash

Genital herpes- multiple erosions with slough Please do Serology. Can start on Tab Valcyclovir 1gm tid x 7days Topical Mupirocin to prevent sec.infection

Whether painful or not? Chancroid causes painful lesion so as herpes. Herpes ll cause painful vesicular rash. Syphilis however causes painless lesion.

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