16 yrs adolescent girl with these kind of vesicular lesions since 6months. my DD is lymphangioma circumscriptum. pls give your inputs and treatment plan drs.



Ya it looks like lymphangioma circumscriptum

well defined fluid filled vesicles....or may be grouped into structures resembling frog spawn apperence is seen ...in lymphangioma circumsciptum

Excellent Explanation dear Prasad, You are King of Derma

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s sir acquired lympahangioma circumscriptum or lymphagiectasia both can be distinguished only histologically.

recently I tried Rf .......but recurrence is seen....then i put tab hetrazon tid...madam

thank u for the information sir. I am planning for Co2 conventional vaporization sir.

Lymphangioma circumscriptum... Nice case...

lymphangioma circumscription

Acquired lymphangioma of vulva. cause? vuval oedema probably non pitting type present. no obvious lymphadenitis. any non potting oedema of feet? Repeated streptoccal lymphangitis could be the cause.

thank u sir

Yes sir it is lymphangioma circumscriptum

Multiple sebaceous cysts.

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