17 male pain in neck since 7 months not radiating to arms. Dx n mx



cervical rib rt side...

cervical rib on it side. did not cause problem for seventeen years why now. why pain in both side.ask if he has stared using computers or similar job . it could be postural I am sure.use of thick pillow. or change sleeping location . it can't be any bony problem . what is the radiologist report. x-ray is not of very good quality.

nice logic sir, it's cervical rib. patient had on n off symptoms but relieved either by medicine or rest. patient works in garage, it's his own garage( brother's,)

cervical rib. treatment depends on symptoms. physiotherapy, neck strengthening and extension exercises. if doesn't improve, surgical excision may be done

neuro symptoms are not there means brachial plexus is safe. check for vascular symptoms like gangrene of finger tips if there then surgical excision of cervical rib is best option. also focus on shoulder and scapular muscles strenthening

what is the history? is it congenital? rt side cx rib shown in xray with rt side scoliosis. cx rib most probably congenital which can lead to thoracic outlet syndrome.

in most of the cases it's congenital. but it appears when person goes for xray. yes patient had frequent on n off pain but severe now

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cervical rib R side use this medicine 1 tab mahayograj gogal two bd 2 sandhivat powder one tea spon two times daily 3 sandhivat oil use effective part only 4 sheikh pachan churan one tea spon ate night with warm water

thanks . I will convey this. for how long these medications should be taken?

Cervical rib right side

manual traction can help.no spinal mobilisation as alignment of the spine is disorderd. treatment protocol would consist of IFT, hot packs followed by maual traction.nsaids and cervical collar .

traction does do any good.


Cervical rib R side

how bout mx
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