18 years old female pt. c/o irritation on the tongue for spicy/non spicy food. diagnosis and treatment please. she is not anaemic



Fissured tongue Instruct the pt to maintain a good oral hygiene Warm saline rinse Multivitamins Chances of Candidal infection s more in this case If symptoms doesn't subside prescribe Candidal mouth paint 3 times a day for 1 week

fissure tongue oral hygiene maintainance is must gargling with lukewarm water with salt dissolved Amflor mouthwash Multivitamins

Scrotal tongue. Fissures are due to riboflavin deficiency. go for multivitamins and aggressive oral hygeine.

Diagnosis-Fissured tongue. Rx-Multivitamins & Mouthwash

Fissure tongue..Multivitamin.. Chlorhexidine mouth wash

Fissured tongue...give multivitamins

Fissured tongue

Fissured tongue.

Fissured tongue

fissured tongue

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