18 yF primi undignosed NTDs Lmp?? G.A.? seems FT, developed labour pain during travelling in train from Surat to odisha, came in 2 nd stage labour, memb ruptured in train, VD , ft 3kg Mch,livebirth anencephaly, both cleftlip.n palate only one ANC visit in surat at 28 wks G.A. acc.to Usg report attached daily labourer working in surat No blood tests, we delivered d baby immediately, then came to b HbsAg +ve, hiv-- ve, only husband z vth her, she z little disoriented, talking irrelevant words..baby z still living, crying slowly (altered sounds) counseling about d px of baby done, but they r not agree to accept tat..crying Inspite of so much awareness & steps taken by govt n various organization still d pts r not aware about health n Pregnancy health.. So Sad to imagine..really i want to know for how many hr/ days d baby vll survive?? plz help.Anything more for d mother?? Time of delivery-9.30 pm on 15/08/16, already 15 hrs now,



anencephaly fch. prognosis poor. lack of knowledge and experience of working group men about anc. NUHM at surat.how delivering service. ..???

Anencephaly with poor prognosis

Explain the prognosis of child . Proper counselling for future .suppression of lactation of mother by mixogen and tranquilizer for disoriented mother are required

It's soo bad to hear this feeling very sad for this baby The PT should visit every month for anc check up if they can't afford they can go to govt Hospital Bcoz if they will not consult for anc check up such cases can be seen again govt is doing so many things to educate people what do u in pregnancy why this people don't understand.

Yes Sir..I searched all papers..but couldn't find single prescription of any gyn/ physician s only one usg report at 28 wks, tat z adv by some Ayurvedic hospital( charitable) No sigle blood test Sir baby z looking so mature, gud wt..Feeling very Sad for d baby..

Poor prognosis, can't predict survival time.

In anencephalic good weight fetus shoulder dystocia is also troublesome.Absence of proper neck creates trouble in delivery of shoulders if the fetus is cephalic.Feeling sad for uneducated patients and ignorance for medical advice.

She delivered spontaneous.. no assistant . we only delivered d placenta .

Anencephaly is incompatible with life, it's a lethal anomaly. so nothing can be done for the baby. still in rural India antenatal mothers r unaware of importance of antenatal check up. what about the ASHA workers. They should create the awareness n do the home visit

Realy mam..This z d Nature of our people. d lady z very unfortunate..

Poor prognosis of baby.. Suppression of lactation for mother by mixogen or cabergolin

Yes sir

At last d baby took his last breath at 11 A.M. on 17.08.16(38 hrs living)

mch or fch ? usually anencephaly fetus are female..

Male sir..usually F>M
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