18yrs old female since two yrs this lesion over hands . Pls dx n tx. Thank u

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Both lesions are coexisting Linchen planus and infected scabies Rx tab clindamycin 300mg 1bd Tab Levocetrizine5mg 1bd Permithrine oint 5%30gm to be applied all over body Tab ivermectin 12mg 1stat Review after one week Shift on Rx for LP Lobate-s oint twice daily Antioxidents

Thanx dr Kute Ankush

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Linchen planus. Corticosteroid. Mosturizer. Clean with Keta console lotion/Soap.. Immunity boosters

Thanx Dr.Anilbhai


Tnx Dr Anil Gangani

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Infected SCABIES Pyrithein 5%30gm, application all-over body T azithromycin 50omg,od,5day Levoct IVERMECTIN 12mg single dose

Thank you doctor

?? Lichen planus

Scabies Adv Permethrin cream for local application

Folliculitis Pyoderma Scabies R/0 dm

Lichen planus chronicus D/D scabies

Lp Pn Rx deflazacort 6mg bd Allergin l bd Moisturize Clop s nano oint Multivitamins With homoeopathy Ant crud 30 tds Sulph iod 30 tds

Linchen P. ??? Rx langhan upakram for 2 weeks then, Brihad manjishthadi kashay syrup 20ml bd Khadiradi vati 2bd Amyron tab 2bd SH tab 1bd locally, Cutis cream and dusting Cutis powder

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