19yr old lady having torch positive with recurrent abortions taking treatment frm last six month bt the viral count cant come at normal level then ehats the further treatment previous tratment -tab torchnil and tab follic acid taking from last six month



I fully support dr.Ansari to start Rovamycine forte ,twice a day..for 21 days.. * Her husbund should also undergo TORCH test and if CM virus...or any of toxomomaplasmosis is over limit and of sensative value...he should also advise for Rovamycine forte 1 bd for 21 days.

dear.dr.Nikam Pl..note that TORCH is to be rlot out for repetative wastages of pregnencies...its a thumb rule of Assisted pregnency science in EU,coz secondary infection of Toxomaplasmosis will interfear in * Swilltchover mollecullar mechenism of ferilized egg ...blastocyte... to ppacena due to interfearence in propotionate secretionof HCG from pitutery... This is what i academic reserches ,i hd in practicing Reproductive Endocronology for more than 40 years in Germany.... ..Do you tollerate secodary salpingitis. or salpingitis Kochs in repetative wastages ??, Torch + ve is the indication of secondary infection in the body,affecting autoimmunity.. I may or may not be right at @ 69...... I trust new generation but offcource with digestable academic explanations thanx

CMV is still showing high IgG levels. Hyperimmune serum is recommended but I doubt the availability outside of research trials. Have you ruled out uterine causes, APLA , thyroid profile? Has karyotyping been done of previous abortus? Or peripheral blood karyotyping of parents? Bcos these factors have a more common role than Torch. Torch can even be an incidental finding.

Torch infection less likely to cause recurrent pregnancy loss. ruleout other causes like uterine , chromosomal, APLA etc. because APLA and chromosomal are the most imp things that cause RPL

IgG level shows past infection and for CMV the drug of choice is Natclovir 200 -2bd x 10 days Rovamycin is for toxoplasmosis More over find out other causes also like anti phospholipid antibody

@A.K.Srivastava. I support. Dr.Anjali Jain.

Classical ayurveda treatment.. Starting with deepana, pachana, sneha, sweda, shodhanacan be done followed by garbhashaya prakshalana with PVQ/ashokavalkala quatha. Internally Ashokarishta 2tsf tid.

tab rovamycin forte bd for 21 days n gap of one week to restart again for 21 days other causes of recurrent abortion like chromosomal defect, APLA, uterine anomalies to b ruled out .

ताज़ा गिलोय का काढ़ा बनाकर पीने से लाभ होगा

pl.note TORCH is not a cause of repeated pregnancy loss.pl.investigate for other causes.

tb spiramycin bid for 21days after that 1wk tb not taken then restart for 21 days ..then 1wk gap then for21 days ..

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