what might be the cause of patients pleural fluid collection


It a case of haemothorax coz I can see fractures of posterior 5 6 7 ribs. Flial chest? More than one fracture within one bone
Multiple fractured ribs visible.. Ask for history of trauma Probably dealing with hemothorax
# at posterior and lateral part of left 5th and 6th ribs with haemothorax left.
Chest trauma with multiple left sided ribs fracture leading to left hemothorax
In india Pulmonary Koch's is the first reason for pleural effusion .
Other causes may be Congestive heart failure ,renal failure,infection, malignancy , cirrhosis , trauma , hypoalbuminemia, pulmonary embolism.
Lt sided chest trauma with rib # and haemothorax
Hemothorax due to frcure ribs and chest trauma
fracture of ribs on left could be haemothorax. effusion should be drained, As blood is a medium for bacterial proliferation. pleural fluid haematocrit shud be done.
Dr rini it is a h haemothorax lt First it will undergo autolysis Then it is bound to become empyema If repeated asp can serve the purpose (which seems to be difficult) pt will need icd
Collapse consolidation left lower lobe with ? Left lower lobe bronchial lesion
Post traumatic haemothorax due to rib fracture left side
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