7month old child brought with c/o rash since 3days. No fever.No irritability child playful.I thought it of some sort of dermatitis or viral exanthematous rash.gave some emollient cream.no improvement in another two days please see the rash carefully the lesions got umbiicated or the central part blackish.please suggest diagnosis and treatment

Thes are not umblicated8 lesions. Umblication means central depression of a vesicular lesion. The lesions appear 'targetood ". It could be hypersensitivity reaction to an infection or drug. may take a week or so to heal. Since the baby is well, and no new lesions appear, watch the case. Local caladryl and systemic oral antihistaminic may help.
Uti could cause such lesions so always check ur rm & cs in such cases.if +ve treat and abolish the lesions. Otherwise any allergic or hypersensitivity will resolve on symptomatic treatment.
Erythema multiformae
Erythema multiforme
Erythema multiforme
Looking at lesion I think its just mosquito bite and followed by rash. simple anti inflammatory. give advice for mosquito net and repellants use to avoid new developing rash. that might confuse u for systemic disease
Sure Sir,but I am afraid whether mycoplasma would stop shot of producing just EMF / OR LIKE LESIONS. !
Erythema multiforme like lesion seen in mycoplasma infection also .
erythema multiforme
E myltiforme
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