severe myoclonic epilepsy

2.5Y/femle child com. dravet syndrom(severe myoclonic epilepsy of infant)-dr's says its genetic first time com. start after 6 month of child (taking many medicine-continue) c/o convusion (every 10-15 days-interval) only 5-10 sec. c/o sleeplessness in night awake daily in 1-2am and playing 5 am(no crying) restlessness+++ continue shaking hands, n leg(dr ane 3 hr. ubha revnu kyo toy ubhi re) happy face- koy pan ajanaya vykti sathe ramva mande,bar var jay frva playing unknown person traveling desire jmva ma ane koy ak vastu apo e 10 divs sudhi continue khy pachi biji apo e conti. 10 divs sudhi khy pachi pela apeli vastu na khay (wants chnge) beautiful Child f/h- mother-psoriasis masi-epilespy fai-epilespy hot thisty+ sour desire plz suggest medicine



In epilepsy Rx Bramhighan tab 1bd Shankhpushpi ghan tab 1bd Shatavari tab 2bd Ashwgandharishtha 30ml bd

@Dr. Prashant Ku Chhanchan lasix ecoasprin omez a2z

@totallity symptoms not illustrated presuming diagnos anginapectoris rx crataegus q cactus g carbov eg5phos

Artemisia vulgaris Q

Cuprum met 6 TDs

@black pigmentations lachesis natrummur silecia aqwafolium facecream continue tillfullcure

Cicuta Cuprum met Belladonna According to symptoms choose among them According to symptoms

Cuprummet hyocymus buforana at night all medicines 200 cup in the morning hyp at noon bufo at night

Dx Convulsion / Severe Myclonic Epilepsy ??? Rx Constitutional remedy with PQRS.

Verterum alb-30 tds with lithium-30 tds

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