2 yr female child came h/o swelling over posterior aspect of Lower third of left thigh , 5 × 5 cm size firm , mildly tender , immobile . fnac report will come tomorrow , x ray attached , plz give ur valuable opinions regarding management & diagnosis .


MRI is not fully useful in a calcified mass...CT is better. Myositis has a peripheral cap of ossification, while a malignant tumor will start ossification from the centre (or necrotic area) This is not appreciated on an MRI

Myositis Ossificans/ Soft tissue tumor. Treatment will depend upon histopathology report.

I think it is an Extra skeletal Osteosarcoma or a Synovial Sarcoma. I remember reading a similar case report in an adult... http://www.aocr.org/resource/resmgr/JAOCR-MSK/Vol2Iss4CR2Tyminski.pdf

Is there a history of trauma? Periosteum seems to be intact ,no onionpeel appearance ,as FNAC result is awaited , wait for the result ,could be from the soft tissue only .

DD- Ectopic ossification Soft tissue sarcoma Femoral cortices seem intact.. Other radiological investigations should be done before FNAC..

Ectopic soft tissue calcification/calcification of hydatid cyst.

Ewing's is likely.

2 year old child with cotton wool calcification. ? posttraumatic haematoma calcification. Please get mri to R/O TUMOUR PLEASE send the follow up of the case

MRI to see the soft tissue involvement. how long is the history. looks like myositis ossificans.

CT will give us the cross section of the matrix, characterize soft-tissue masses by CT are presented, including the mineralization pattern, density, pattern of bone involvement, and lesion vascularity

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Myositis ossificans

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