20 Year girl patient with sikn lesion sins 2 month plz.rx.dx.



Acne vulgaris Tr- _ oint.tretion .025% with clindmycin / nicotamide morning _ oint Benzaoxide 2.5% at night _ salicylic acid 2% face wash.. two times a day _cap.isotretion 20 mg.. once a day _ vit C & antibiotics....sos

Acne Cap doxycycline 100 mg bd 1st days then second day 100 mg od for 2 wks Cap isotretinoin 20 mg bd 2 weeks Tab multivitamin 1 od Cream adaplene +clindamycin night time Lotion sunscreen SPF 30+ 3 hourly

Acne vulgaris

Papulo pustular acne ..,oral doxy and isotretinoin should not be combined as they may increase intra cranial tension

Acne vulgaris due to dandruff on scalp Ketaconazol shampoo for hair . Clindamycin a cream for face avoid soap Tab azee 500 mg for a week Avoid oily food and spicy items.

Acne vulgaris

Inflamed acne

Acne condones are clearly seen

Acne, Acneclin gel for tropical apply at night,and fash wat at morning with acneclin soap

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