20 yr female having this type of lesion on upper and lower extremities since 2 month. Mild itching. Painful. Gradually spreading all over body. Previously treated with allopathy but it gives temporary relief. Same complaints reappear again. Patient is non diabetic. Wht is ur Dx?



Its Vicharchika according to ayurveda.... Advice for Leech Therapy if possible.... Panchakarma can give excellent results in this case.... If you wants to go with ayurved then advice for - Gandhak Rasayan 1 tab BD - Panchatikta Ghrita Guggulu 1 tab BD - Arogyavardhini Vati 1 tab BD - Khadirarishta 10ml BD - Avipattikar churna 50gm + Chopchinyadi Churna 50gm + Dashmool Churna 30gm + Manjishtha Churna 30gm + Giloy Satva 10gm + Rasa Manikya 10gm + Kajjali 5gm = 3gm BD with luke warm water Local application of Panchanimbadi Tailam + Karanj Tailam Advice to avoid oily spicy and non veg food Must drink adequate quantity of water If you gonna start Homeopathic management then please add the oil what i have mentioned, you will definitely get the positive response within few days....

I am really impressed the treatment plan , but Pardadi malham for local application is the drug of choice.

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Itrifal shahitra 1/2 tea spoon bd Majun ushba 1/2 tea spoon bd Arq murakkab muaffi khoon 15ml rid sprink powder of argemone maxicana... it gives good results in healing the wounds...

leach therapy by this blood circulation will improve than orally gandhaka rasayana 2bid kancanara guggulu 2bid pancha tiktha ghrutha guggulu 2bid

Navkarshik kashaya(Daruharidra,Giloya,Kutki, Vacha,Manjishtha,Neem Panchang,Triphla) each in equal quantity is very good for skin diseases,Clean the lesion with betadine liquid after drying use jatyadi ghrit and sit in sunlight for 30 minutes Diet is very important ,drink only green mung dal soup for 2 wks then light food,no curd,no milk products,use cow ghee,don't use refined oil,Any other questions you can discuss on my number 9619905888

Very good information

Such type of problem may you should give 1: Inj. Monocef 1gm ( 1 bd *5 after 5 days 1 od 10 days ) 2:Tab. Novamox cv- 375mg 15 days 3:Tab. Metrogil 200mg 1tds *5, 1 bd * 10 Clean by Betadine liquor 3time a day and after some time apply Hinex cream ( it's veterinary cream but good results in human) Please try and give me feedback +919463044881 by call or Whatsaap or dentistlambi@gmail.com

wet eczema

I have seen this type of skin disorder earlier...and by the below treatment it got cured...it took 1 month to cure completely. 1. cleaning n dressing of wound . 2. application of placentrex gel will be v. useful. (it is combination + extract of fresh human placenta) 3. gandhak rasayan 1tab. bd 4. inj. taxim in alternate days

homeopathically speaking tendency to such ulceration is more towards syph miasmatic trait... I wud consider merc Sol or not acid. if greater symptoms are collected or cause is better understood.. the specific can b prescribed.. I agree with idea of going for further tests..

Dr.dipti I don't know any homeopathic.. it looks like non healing ulcer, floor- Slough edge- undermined it need daily dressing, go for blood investigation, swab test c and s... palpate peripheral artery,.

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IfIt looks like a non healing infective ulcer. It needs daily dressing. Take Echinacea Q 3, 4 times daily. As it shows a case of abscess also, give Silicea 200 & Arnica 200 3 times daily.

wet eczema haemogram/ pus culture clean thoroughly. add antibiotic sporidex 500mg tds 5days wth local steroid +antifungal +antibitic preparation wysolone 5mg od one month

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