20 yr female pt with wheeze on n off for the past 3 yrs , pl read the chest x-ray n gv ur valuable opinion



Dr sharma's answer was most appropriate. Asthma & COPD are different diseases.. Asthma can become chronic and difficult to treat due to delay or improper treatment. It will not lead to copd

hyperinflated lung field , with tubular heart investigate on the line of bronchial asthma

Hyperinflated chest copd hrct expiratory films pft asthmatic chronic bronchitis

wheeze of and on sign of allergic find out if possible allergen otherwise may go in copd

hyperinflated lung fields...20 years old so indeed she's asthmatic with wheezing on n off too!

X- Ray normal, it's allergic rhinitis.

Little Detail history and a spirometry with f low volume loops would be helpful. X- ray looks normal.

a patch of pneumothorax (RT)

treat on the lines of bronchial asthma

allergic bronchitis? cops management -avoid extremes of temperature medicine -can give phosphorous woo few doses but detail history required for proper medicine selection.

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