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20 yr old girl pts came to my clinic for c/o these type of lesion all over body , itching since 10 days , no fever , no these like infection in family members, Is it scabies , but I given permide lotion , permide soap , tab ivermectin , tab Atarax Not resolve Pls Dx nd Rx .

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It's because of dryness & constant scratching. 1- Deflazacort Tab 2- Moisturize repeatedly 3- Avoid scratching 4- Cream Mometasone sos if itching is bothersome 5- Family members should apply Permethrin too 6- Put clothes & bedsheet in hot water for 1 hour

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Urticaria Contact dermatitis. Ivermectin 6 mg + Albandazole 400 mg 1 tab once. Allegra 180 mg 1 tab OD.x 5 days. Calamine solution. Batha itu Keta console soap.

Irritatant contact dermatitis Tab. Alvita Tab. Zamflex Cream. Wanita

Obviously Scabies

Thanks Dr. Pushker Bhomia, Dr.Dinesh Gupta,Dr. Irfan Khan, Dr. Sandeep Ghodeker

Scabies Permjtek soap Atarex bd B zon fort bd Azee 500 od for 3 day Bandy pus stat Scabiguard lotion night Clop g morning


Tnx Dr Amitabha Dasgupta

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Scabies? 1.Tab. Omnacortil 20mg 1 tab tid for 5 days 1 tab bid for 5 days 1 tab od for 5 days. 2. Tab. Atrax 25 Q tab od 3. Luliconazole cream Apply 2 times daily. 4. Calapure lotion Apply daily

Tinea infection Scabies A C D

Scabies. Urticaria.

Can add antihistaminics Local antifungals therapy.

@allergic contact dermatitis

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