20yr female patient having ancs since last 5-6 yr with itching. also she is anemic HB 7%.. Non diabetic. Serology report negative. other lab WNL.



Its a case of acne.

With all do respet, i dont understand what is acne rosasea??? Is there such diagnosis?? As far i have read these 2 are two distinct conditions. Or you are claiming that its both in this case?? Please clarify. Thank you.

acne rosacae tab doxycycline 100mg od 2.tab zinc acetate 50mg od oint clindamycin od oint benzyl peroxide 2.5 soap acne

Dx-Acne Rosacae,Rx-Tab-Ivoral fort 1odx5, Caps-Dexorange 1od to cover Anemiax30 , Acnovin ointment (vasu pharma) for applying Caps-minocycline50mg bdx15dys+ Vitamin A+D+C odx15

@Dr. Amardeep Ebhate -rosecea

Acne rosacae

DD rosecea, s/e of topical retinoids for acne, Rule out SLE

Acne Rosacae

Acne rosacea

Acne with irritant contact dermatitis Is there any history of using any topical preparation for acne?

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