20yrs / m , pain & swelling - 4 days , pain increased in last 2 days. Tenderness +. Vn 6/ 6 . f - nad . No Rx done . No trauma , no sticking. Dx & Rx ?



Swelling seems to be just above lid margin,so dx may be infeccted chalazion.Anyway Rx remains same-hot compresses,oral antibiotic, i prefer Augmentin 625 bd,anti inflamatory & topical antibiotic drops,all for 3-5 days.

Oral antibiotics to b avoided . Indicated only if progress is to lid abscess

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Stye.hot fomentation.Antibiotic ointment od n anti inflammatory tab

Internal hordeolum can have a pus point at the MG opening on the lid margin like this. There can also be a pus point on the palepbral conjunctival area. Internal hordeolum is an infection of the MG.. it's usually limited to one or 2 glands. Acute meibomitis on the other hand usually involves almost the whole lid margin. There is will be pouting / inflamed MG openings with congestion of the lid margin, lid edema. Some times u can express out the secretions of the glands in oil droplet form or toothpaste like in severe cases. So I think this is an internal hordeolum rather than acute meibomitis.

Ok . Thank you sir.

It is a eyelid infection Also called external hordeolum Rx. You can use doxicyclene orally It very usefull for this infection. Also manege as a eyelid hygein.

This is horde lum intern um. Treatment is same like u mentioned dr fr- horde lum internum or infected chalazion , hordeolum externum or stye n meibomian glad infection like in this case

Can you notice a yellow spot at one of the meiboman gland openings on lid margin near lateral canthus in 2nd photo ? This is suggestive of acute meibomianitis with pus draining through m. duct towards m.opening . There was no pus point on superior tarsal conjunctiva & swelling had developed recently with onset of pain.

It is bacterial infection of one of the meibomian glands in the left upper lid. Needs hot fomentation twice a day, antibiotic drops 4 times a day n antibiotic eye ointment at bed time fr 3 to 5 days. Only anti inflammatory drugs like Rutoheal D with panto per azole will suffice fr 3 days. Rule out diabetes, refractive error n emphasized avoiding hand eye contact n. To sleep well to build immunity.

Is it h. Internum or acute meibomianitis?

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Hordeolum externum.

External hordeolum or Sty

hordeolum, treat with oral amoxyclav, emanzen-D for faster recovery

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