21 year old primigravida presented in casualty in labor, 9 months amenorrhea (not sure of dates), no antenatal visits. Baby born by vaginal delivery. Pictures are attached. Identify the conditions and what could be the causes?



it's a case of anencephaly and spinal dysraphism.neural tube defects can be prevented by folic acid supplementation even before pregnancy when the couple plan to have a child.

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This baby has got both cranial_anencephaly NTD and spinal NTD. Prevention: Periconceptional folate supplementation, FA 5mg/day ,Avoid antiFA therapeutic s like Anti epileptic drugs like phenytoin ,& drugs like methotrexate. Causes Fa and B12 r essential for rapid cell replication, and DNA & RNA synthesis. Early embryo is vulnerable to FA deficiency and its relative deficiency leads to failure of post translational methylation of neural cell cytoskeleton ,essential for neuronal differentiation. It is a result of gene environment interaction defect. Needs proper AN screening during before 16 wks of GA.

Anencephaly with open neural tube defeat. That's why all Anc visits r imp. Folic acid 5 mg daily till 3 mths. Folic acid def leads neural tube defect It could have been easy termination if pt would have gone for 1st trimester USG scan

Open neural tube defect , Anencephaly with Spina bifida . Cause could be , Folic acid deficiency H/o intake of indigenous drugs Chromosomal abnormalities Environmental factors Maternal hyperthermia Insulin depending Diabetes Mellitis in mother It can be diagnosed in early pregnancy by ultrasound , Maternal serum alpha feto proteins and by Amniotic alpha feto proteins levels

anencephaly type of neural tube defect. causes genetetic, mat illness/infectn, smoking, alcohol, uncontrolled dm/HT, folate defi. that's why we started folic acid even bf conception.

This case shows importance of antenatal visits and ultrasound. This should be used to educate the patients why these are important.

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open neural tube defect.. anencephaly and meningomyelocoele. prognosis poor

Huge meningomyelocele. shd hav got USG at early stage for early detection

Open neural tube defect anencephaly+meningomyelocoele

shows the importance of NB NT scan and folic acid

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