21 years old female, married patient came to opd with complaint of right iliac fossa pain. usg shows cystic ovary. dear colleagues please suggest further management.

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Dear dr, pt has pain in rt iliac fossa with diagnosed rt ova cyst ,which is cystic goes in favour of 15%serous cyst,60%mucinous cyst,15 chocolate cyst clinically take more history so if cho cyst h/o such episodes common during every menses. mucinious or serous can be short onset. if pain is not severe put pt on antiinflammatory for 5days, follow USG after 15 days . If pain is more or agrevates then rule out torsion (twisted ov cyst) Sos diagnostic as well operative laparoscopy any time as per the need.

respected madam, there is no previous history during menses, thank you

Most probably benign ovarian cyst. Might be Mucinous/serous. Give her anti biotic. And inflammatory drugs. If pain a

Aggregated, look for any twisted ovary. Do CA 125.go for laproscopy, removal. Then send ovarian cyst and fluid for hpe

simple benign ovarian cysts are usually functional, and disappeared after periods,if the cystic constant, seviority of pain is same,R/O for Ca 125, take the cystic fluid for aspiration and send for. hpe, wait for reports till then give the antibiotics , antiinflamatory and analgesics

Cause of pain is rt cystic ovary menstrual history not given try oral progesterone tablet 3 month then asses otherwise surgical rupture of cyst

vth usg showing 43cms of rt ovarian cyst ,m/c it is serous_mucinous type.hws her menstrual history? As it is symptomatic, gv her some antiinflamatories for 5 days&i sujjest a course of Antibiotics for 7 days. reassess the size once her pain subsides. if pain is same&no change in size go for diagnostic laproscopy. reassess &go for therupatic treatment under same sitting which will help her in her future conception rate also.


what is the age of the patient. looking into the size of cyst this is relatively small. can be functional cyst. give her a course of ocp for 3months and antibiotics and antiinflamatoty

repeat scan after 3 months and then do any operative intervention if the cyst has not dissolved. follow up every month or SOS if pain agrevates

what is her LMP.r/o haemorrhagic corpusluteum at the time of ovulation.if it is ovulatory simple analgesics may suffice.pain may subside in 2 or 3 days.less than 5cm is usually functional.

mention size of cyst .if simple ovarian cyst with size less than 5cm it will resolve with antibiotic and anti inflammatory drugs.

if cyst persists,do ROMA.risk of ovarian malignancy algorithm. combined test HE4 & CA125. helps to diagnose benign from malignant

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