21 yr male, acute ( ? sub acute ) intestinal obstruction, CBC - (N), S.bili 3.19 D-0.88, RFT amylase lypase electrolytes - (N), relieved by conservative management , .... same episode 3 days before but relieved spontaneously ( didn't admitted him)......what is further work up to r/o causes ???......surgical opinion please.....



Chronic subacute intestinal obstruction, ? Abdominal koch's.

yep...ct abd is a plan ahead...pt is NBM....just waiting so he could tolerate oral dye for contrast study..... meanwhile wanted differentials from you all.....thanks for your valuable inputs.....will post update at earliest

Volvulus with jaundice check peristalsis opinion of surgeon

CECT- short segment circumferential enhancing mural thickening of descending colon with mild fat stranding with resultant significant proximal obstructive changes.

USG - no intra abd lymphadenopathy.....kochs' very less likely ....

Expl laparatomy done--- a hard mass of 3cm size noted, 10 cm segment of colon resected, colostomy done, specimen send for HPE .

Koch's abdomen or enteritis induced sub acute obstruction.... need to confirm on CT abdomen

s.potassium,hydration,ask for constipation ,vomiting

plz update us about ct abdomen

@ dr sufyan...RT , Foley's are basic protocols...did it already...but thanks for suggestion.

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