21 yrs male having dry cough of 2 months... Throat exam have tonsils enlarged...absolute eosinophil count increased..... Diagnosis nd management?

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Nasal allergy is a cause for upper respiratory tract infection.. Leading to tonsillitis.. Needs examination of nose and nasopharynx.. Apart from treatment with antibiotics like co-amoxivlav.. Add anti allergic like a combination of levocetrizine and montelukast.. And if needed intra nasal corticosteroids at bed time...

Chronic Tonsillitis with allergic bronchitis and eosinophilia. Rx 1.Tab Cefpodoxime 200mg +clavulanic acid 125mg.2.Tab Albendazole 400mg O.D for 5days. 3Tab Fexofenadine 180 mg + Montelucast combination for 1 month

chronic tonsilitis@RTI & allergic bronchi@eosoniphilia.Req. throat swab cult. Rx 1) Amoxyclav 625 mg 1 tb daily 2) Montozen-L 2 tb BDPC contd. a month 3) Albendazole 400 mg HS @ milk+ 4) Bisacodyl 1 tb HS every day after morrow

this is case of tonsilitis with eosinophillia treatment is Azithromycin 500mg od or cefposoxime +clav 200 bd aceclo para serratio bd decc 10mg/kg/day levocetrizine 5 hs albendazole 400mg stat syp.like corex dx/instaryl d etc. all for 5 to 7 days. decc should be continued for 21 days


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Causes of only dry cough are: Cough variant Asma, pertussis, HF, ACE inhibitors And post nasal drip. In your pt there is increased esonophil count with leucositisis with neutrophilia with relative lymphopenia with enlarged tonsil. Further investigation: IgE,R/E of stool,ASO titre, throat swab culture, EIA HIV1and2. Start treatment with : Romilast 10 mg -1tab daily in evening , Esiflow inhaler -2 puffx2 daily. Also add one antibiotic of your choice till the report of culture comes.

chest x ray to be done.this may be case of reactive airway disfunction syndrome. bronchiolitis may be present. treatment is oral steroids 0.5mg/kg once daily along with cephalosporins and macrolides supportive treatment should also be there

tropical eosinophilia syndrome. mx albendazole 400 mg once. with dec 6 mg / kg od for 2wks. rx olbachia with antibiotics and analgesic

Antibiotic.. Anthelmentic.. Hetrazan 100mg bd 21 days..Cough suppression sos..Levocetri +Monteluecast

treatment should be for 14 days give DEC at 5-7mg/kg per day along with that montelukast fexofenadine once daily along with cough syp levocloperastine 5ml

Tonsillitis with eosinophilia. Management with antibiotics, antihistamine, albendazole, DEC, Antitussive. CXRPA VIEW to exclude other respiratory pathology.

cxr after tonsillitis treated do spirometry to rule out asthma treat at present with antibiotic cough suppressant Monteleukast levocetrizine

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