22 year nale has this cysts itchy in nature once got cyst removal but recurrent advice dx and rx

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We could consider this as a sign of neurofibromatosis. But the diagnosis of NF requires criteria fulfilment which isn’t mentioned in the history. (Presence of vestibular schwanoma, Meningioma, family history of NF). Such cutaneous lesions appears mostly in NF-2, as opposed to NF -1 where patients present mostly with cafe au lair spots, axillary and / or inguinal freckles. A detailed diagnostic algorithm to rule out multisystemic involvement should be carried out: 1. MRI scan of Brain and Spine 2. BERA for auditory evaluation 3. Genetic analysis for NF mutation 4. Ophthalmic analysis 5. Regular follow up to keep multisystem tumours in check. Treatment options: This depends on the presence of various rumours in different organ systems, and is very subjective. But on a whole, these are the available treatment options. 1. Tumour resection 2. Radio surgery 3. Chemotherapy ( Erlotinib, Bevasizumab, Vincristine, Prednisolone) 4. Radiotherapy

Neurofibromatosis 2 Surgical intervention, Laser therapy, freezing,and surgical excision. Adv.... Biopsy and tissue culture. Take opinion and treatment for recurrence. Early evaluation and investigations will be beneficial to avoid recurrence.

Graphitis 30


Neurofibromas 2.

? NF-1


Neurofibromatosis type 1


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