22 years female second gravida with 20wks pregnancy her usg report showing given below what should be our further step induction or what else



Finding of ectopic kidney is just a matter of chance. Foetal pyelectasis, too, is a common finding onUSG which, in majority of cases resolves itself. Mild degree pyelectasis(between 4mm& 10mm) is not a problem at all. Pyelectasis, sometimes, is a soft marker for'down syndrome' but its very rare. This syndrome is not going to effect the labour. So, the pregnancy has to be continued up to term. No question of induction is there. The main problem is of anaemia which the patient is having. Our aim should be to remove the anaemia by blood transfusion, haematanics and diets and carry the pregnancy up to term. A regular & proper ANC is must.

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- Ectopic Kidney is coincidental finding - Nothing doing - Correction of Anaemia - routine ANC

Please see tsh report

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Continue pregnancy ectopic kidney is a incidental finding.Correct her anaemia by giving Iron sucrose,deworming tab albendazole 400mg stat dose,send Serum iron serum ferritin TIBC sickling test urine R&M & advice her Target Scan as she 19-20wks

anaemia is the major problem to be handled continue preg proper a n c cheque up orofer infusion followed by inj jectocos plus then oralas per hb% folic acid 5mg od tab suckcee 500ng od protien supplement tab albendazol 1tab stat calcium vit d n zinc supplement

- Continue pregnancy. - Severe Anemia -> Start TDI (Iron Sucrose) preferably - Hypothyridsm -> Do T3 and T4. Start Levothyroxin 75/100 OD. Repeat thyroid profile after 6-8 wk.

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Ectopic kidney is not an indication for termination explain in written form about it even if it is 40percent working the foetus will have no problem life long you can send the pt to nephrologist for better openion

There are so many patients surviving with ectopic kidney, she needs no treatment except close follow , anaemia has to be corrected

B care full with Hb levels, ectopic kidney isnot problematic, continue the pregnancy R/o diabetic and thyroid profile in every trimester.

Continue the pregnancy

Eltroxin 50ug 1/day.TSH every trimester

Thank you madam
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