22 yr old female with headache and giddiness.History of aneurysm in sister and hence got a ct angio done.CT Brain normal/How to manage



Aneurysm , if detected need not be treated urgently. You need to see the size of the aneurysm first. If aneurysm is 6 to 7 mm or less and in anterior circulation , you can monitor further 6 months. The risk of bleeding is usually not high. If however it's more than 7 mm or is in posterior territory, better to operate. The size of the mouth of the aneurysm as well as the branches of the aneurysm need to be considered before deciding on type of procedure as well. Large mouthed aneurysms need clipping rather than coiling. I hope that the information helps.

I do not agree Dr mittal.This one is huge.And unruptured aneurysms is a very controversial topic..especially in India where we do not have 911.and its not large mouthed-its large neck-but there are many other factors like neck to fundus ratio.a DSA is a must

Dr Sonal, the scale of the scan is missing from the image put up. If indeed it's large one should take up for surgery. As far as 911 is concerned, theory of the management is one thing and practical aspect is one thing. I feel that if the patient education is a must in such cases. I agree DSA is a must.

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Anterior communicating artery aneurysm . Needs DSA . Family history is very important . Early surgery will be safer for the patient .

Numerous causes of headache and giddiness .. Common include .. Migraine , tension type of headache .. Look for red flags of headache ..and try to find out cause so..

Common causes of headache are Migraine and Tension Headache. Take detailed history for correct diagnosis and treat accordingly.

anterior communicating artery aneurysm clipping to be done

vertigo. Management with Betahistidin.CBR & Liquid intake only ; folowed by Audiogram

its a acom aneurysm.go with coiling or clipping.

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