22 yr old girl having this lesion since 2 yr. Before she comes to me she took lots off treatment. She also did leach treatment. After tht treatment it get worst. And she is having such patch in all over scalp.I gave her antifungal treatment topical as well as tablets also along with minoxidil 5 % & foligo which contains saw palmatto for applications & doing laser therapy & mesotherapy which growth peptides & vit.; minearals ; i did PRP also.patches get small now.means its area became small but tricoscopy showing no hair follicals inside.please suggest me for further beneficial treatment



This is a very common condition. I have seen many. It is called alopecia areata. There is no allopathic treatment for this condition.. At present I have got a case in my own family. My grand son is suffering from this condition. This condition responds some kind of Arurvedic medicin , I got one from south it is a oil with some kind of herbs in it.it does work. Minoxidil is for male type baldness, but that again are not successful. Other methods you have used are very expensive And do not work.

Dear doctor without Complete information please do not make statements like 'no treatment in allopathy'...if you know its alopecia areata just try to read some scientific journals about it and know that it is a self limiting condition and intralesional steroid does help in faster recovery.

Dr Sunitha If there is no follicles then it can't be alopecia areata. It's Pseudo Pelade of Brocq which is sometimes the end stage of alopecia. Nothing can revive the hair, but Dr Rashmi has said hair transplantation can be tried in a small scale and see for viability before proceeding further. Point to note is... The should not be any ongoing or active process. In that case giving Kenacort triamcinolone 10 injection intralesional with insulin syringe with 2 insulin units per prick mainly targeting the border of the lesion can arrest the disease process. A biopsy with DD as Pseudo Pelade of Brocq, lichen plano pilaris.

Thank u doctor.

Just for info It's Finasteride / Dutasteride not Finesteroid Or DutaSteroid... It nothing to do with steroids as many mistake it, they are receptor blockers. But in this case it's not advisable since it has no role to play.

This is alopecia. My father is suffering from this last 15 years.Tried allopathy/homeopathy but got no relief. At last Ayurveda came to rescue. Panchkarma works wonder in sucu cases.This is my personal experience.


its scarring type of alopecia but with my treatment small patches get heal up.only big patch which is on crown gets small but yet not cured .should i suggest hair transplantation. Whts ur opinion doc

What is your kind of treatment.

alopecia areata there's no proper treatment for this try local inj triamcinolone local topical cream in morning n folifast scalp lotion at night orally multivitamin,tranquilliser n azathioprine

Why tranquilizers?

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DD : Pseudopelade of Brocq. Send for biopsy, highly recommended. Besides highly skilled hair transplant surgeons can give good results with Hair Transplant in such cases.

Mam am doing mesotherapy & prp getting result but slowly. In meso am using peptides & nutritional elements.small patches are in recovering phase but a big patch which is on crown become less but tricoscopy shows no follicles but it is getting narrowing by side.expected for ur opinion

chronic alopecia areata require investigations treat antifungal calcium oral and Shelton.a lotionlocally with corticosteroid inj. Locally will help

I prescribed steroid ointment locally not inj.if needed tell me which steroid & its dose

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Inj. Kenacort 40 im weakly Tab. Terbinafine citrate 250 H.S. Cap. Evion 400 OD Tab. Calcum 500 OD Minoxidi 10% for L/A Tab. Finesteroid/ DUTasteroid

Sry i jsut late too see pt. Is female so Finesteroid/ Duta is not prescribe in female


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