23 yrs male pain umbilicus followed by purulet discharge mildly pruritic mild offensive odour for last 4to 5 days. Euglycemic . Possible causes and treatment?



Granulomaumbilicus with sepsis anaerobic. First give a course of broadspectrum antibiotics and imidazole group attain a dry granuloma and than disorganise it with f/u antibiotics even if recurrence and not healing umbilactomy is advisable.

This is a case of a pilonidal sinus on the umbilicus. • An infected umbilical pilonidal sinus. Very typical history and appearance. Treat the acute infection with : Tab ciplox 500 mg 1-0-1 Tab Enzoheal 1-0-1 Regular cleaning of the wound Hair removal of the rest Later, once the infectionnhas subsided, perform a sinus tract excision and practice regular hair removal.

Umbilical granuloma needs chemical cautrization or surgical removal under local anaesthesia,antibiotic,dressing

Umbilical Granuloma.Cauterisation c copper sulphate, Antibiotics,if not responded see the extent of infection & depths of granuloma & plan for surgery accordingly

Antibiotics alone may not be helpful . Exploration needed and decision to excise umbilicus is to be taken during surgery .

This type of infection is common in hairy male patients .

Very short history simple bacterial infection if no response then investigate for persistent vitelointestinal duct

Umbilical granulama. Cupper sulphate application or cautrizition or excision under LA.

Can be a case of umbilical stone with infection Rx exploration with scraping and regular dressing antibiotics

Umbilical granuloma.

The umblical area has not been kept clean which lead to infection and virulent dishcharge

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