23 yrs male patient having comparatively large size bilateral breast primary diagnosis Gynecomastia .All blood reports wnl .Size varies in seasons. winter and rainy season size larger and in summer size become normal. pl suggest your valuable opinions



past history of any drug intake homeopathy, auverdic etc, physical examination finding like secondary sexual characters and do prolactin, thyroid profile , LH, FSH and better thing to rule out Klinefelter syndrome.

what about history of intake of any medicines which leads to gynecomastia???

It looks like More adipose tissue.

it can be adipose tissue also.

what about LFT??

If there is waxing and waning look for hemangioma,surgical excision is treatment you can opt for Gynecomastia

no hemangioma look

lloks to be normal jz adipose nothing else say him to some excercise to stretch up chest fr soze to reduce

Suggest Mammography and FNAC to confirm breast tissue. Liposuction may be a permanent solution

has he undergone surgery ? some scars around areola ? We need to check LH.FSH. AND E2

Seems to be deposition of adipose tissue. Weight reduction most important.

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