24 yr old lady RtSided parasthesia 2 months , insedious onset progressive in nature with out any motor weakness .On exam dulling of all modalities of sensation rt half of yhe body


Lt capsulo ganglionic hemorrhage..

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Patesthesias and sensory loss are due to left thalamus involvement Looks like bleed in ncct wd compression of 3rd ventricle and obstructive hydrocephalus History is of progressive weakness which doesn’t explain bleed in which case sudden onset symptoms are present It can be explained by a vascular lesion which lead to bleed but there should be history of acute exacerbation Kindly share the report

Sit its look like intraventricular bleed with obstructive hydrocephalus. Is any h/o HT. Or starvation pl. Mention. Neuro sx openion also helpful. I think he needs neuro intervention i.e. craniotomy or external drain or vp shunt. May i advice pl. Do homocystin level B1,B6,B12 Level.

IC bleed (?basal ganglia involvement) Most likely to ruptured aneurysm R/o HTN

Thanks .No hypertension

Rule out tumour avm Get contrast, angio and mri.

Angiogram is alredy posted. Contrst MRi is also included..3rd& 4th films contrst.Last 2 MRA

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Underlying vascular lesion which has started bleeding

Thalamic synd

Subacute Rt Thalamic bleed

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