24 yrs male pt complain of heel pain since 2 month all pain killar tab , NSAID ointment, steroid no respons no tenderness on undersurface or medial aspect of calcaneus bone normal x- ray of heel hb-:12.6% blood sugar normal which d/d and tretment

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Seems like a case of calcaneal spur, pain aggravates aftr rest (aftr waking up in the morning), best rx is to wear soft sleepers and to avoide walking bare foot even inside the house, hot water massage and can give local inj of steroid incase of severe pain.

Radiological investigation is required MRI is best to dx heel pain in this case Contrast bath wax bath .physiotherapyankle and planterfacia exercises. Take care for foot ware .

Tendofascitis local steroid injection once a week scratchers shoe keep foot in cold water 1 minute alternative with topid water

This happens mostly with naviculer drop. stretching of calf muscles, theraband monster walks to improve abductors in close chain & standing toe curls wil reduce pain early.

Bursitis, advised salty hot water fomentation.

Dear Dr patel, please check footwear of patient, advice flat surface footwear and repeat xray... symptoms you are mentioned are likely calcaneal spur

yes dr vaibhav is rt. plz check with foot wear and foot shape so you can.get the exact cause and guide for treatment. sir some time flaat foot also lead this type of sypmtoms along with planter fascia tightness.

If there is pain after rest especially getting up early morning most probable diagnosis is Plantar fascitis Recent literature favours Plantar fascia stretching exercises compared to NSAIDs and Hot fomentation . Autologous blood transfusion is other modality having better result than steroids

Dear Dr jamin need more info about the patient condition. weight and height of patient? is patient sedentary life? any past injuries in legs? any tight footwear? any limb length discrepancy? any walking or fitness activities started in previous months? calf muscles tightness?

it's a case of plantar fascitis, treatment is analgesic, hot water fomentation n most important is footwear. should wear soft sole footwear, no bare foot walking

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