25 year old male patient came to hospital with history of colicky abdominal pain in left lower quadrant and not able pass motions since last 4 days. patient also had 3 episodes of vomiting since today morning. what is the diagnosis and further management? ?



Intestinal Obstruction NO Ryle tube and wait for bowel sound. antibiotics with metronidazole, further workup to ascertain diagnosis like TB, malignancy, others cause of obstruction

NO. read it NPO

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acute intestinal obstruction,, may be due to feacal impaction,ultra sound abdomen is necessary to make a diagnosis, treatment depend on cause

Ureteric colic?let's give a pain killer, order investigation no intervention. Fluids for dehydration if any and ppi and vomiset iv. No enema.

appears to be case of constipation. r/o causes and for immediate relief enema may work or manual removal of bloced hard stools.

Ac Intestinal obstruction as xrax shows distended bowl loops exploratory laprotomy and remove the cause

acute intestinal obstruction laparotomy done after CT abdomen done then remove the cause

get a ct scan, cbp, rft, electrolytes. x ray is not good enough history incomplete

Mostly intestinal obstruction insert nasogastric tube . give p enema maintain vitals plan for CT abdomen for etiology. Inform general surgeon.

air fluid levels of X-ray is not typical of acute intestinal obstruction,could be sub acute,due to fecal impaction

How many days?radiation of pain,?fever?urine exam and usg abd/pelvis?

int. obstruction due to faecal impaction also possible

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