25 yr old man has such lesion since 3 to 4 yrs ; adviced acne tt to him but getting less result adviced medicines are peroclin 2.5 % - bd; tab isotroin ; saslic face wash tab erythromycin; salicylic peel 30 % - 4 session .old lesions are getting subside ; new lesion are cuming out .wants ur valuable advice to such resistance case



Dr. Sunita, It's grade III ACNE ... So Thérèse is no place for médical thérapy . Here first remove the all comedones and hyperkeratotic lesions one by one carefully with RF scraper. Step 2...Follow Peels Mainly GLYCOLIC and kojic And finishing touch with Salicylic and Mandelic acid peels....followed by Microdermabrasion. It is economic and get good result. Morning SUNSCREEN lotion. Night skinlightening cream. Tab Glutathione and tab Minocycline daily night for 2 weeks. Same procedure will do again after 1 month.

Yess sir thank u for ur valuable advice

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Acne valgaris Cap Doxt 1 100 mg BD x 15 days Clin_AD gel Keto soap Moiste lotion Maintain hygien Avoid oilly and spicy food egg fish chicken, pizza, burger fast food Intake more water Avoid constipation and indigestion Uses veg & fruits

this is a acne Cap.Isoaid-10mg od Cap.xtrayuth 4g of Tab.L-cet od Gel-clindamycine A gel Cream-faceneyes for full face Tab.azithromycine 500 mg od Facewash-zipacne-adapalen

Acne vulgaris type and scar 3 4 time wash patients face tab azithromycin 500mg od 5 days and blood purifier any ayurvedic medicine remove all comedones and hyperkeratotic lesions one by one carefully RF scraper

Acne grade 3 Start with washing area with diluted betadine lotion and water thoroughly and gently 3 times a day and after light handed scrapping apply cream containing salicylic and urea. PABA cream can be helpful. Surgical intervention like laser therapy and Cryotherapy. Improve general health and personal hygiene. Multivitamins and antioxidants orally.

Thanks Dr K K Mangal.

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Acne with scar formation.. Chemical peeling as well.. Laser treatment is effective and useful.. Follow up with experts opinion..

Tnx a lot Dr Nilesh Patel

Grade III Acne.

Acne with acne scars. Need peeling of epidermal layer. Advice Laser.

Acne vulgaris

Acne vulgaris @Dr. M.s.b Babu for tag

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