25yr male pt complaint of headache, general weakness and giddiness MRI brain ,.given in report plz diagnose and suggest treatment.


Deardr Dilip this case hastwo major problems 1 chr sinositis with nasal polyps b/l 2 granuloma frontal lobe So rx will have multi approach 1treat sinositis with conservative approach i.e. antibiotics and anticold andpain killer for headache which may be anti migraines in this case and sinus puncture SOSwith polypactomy 2 we have to evaluate granuloma to investigate for tuberculoma or neurocystosarcosis and than to treat accordingly.also don't forget to take opinion of neurlogist.

Maxillary sinusitis with polyp. Granuloma in frontal and occipital region. First treat sinusitis, do polypectomy. Then investigate for Tubercular /cysticercosis and treat accordingly.

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