26 y married female presented with a generalized body weakness for two days , associated with low grade fever and Headache, joint pain namely (Knee joints , lower back pain ), Nausea , Dysuria ,with anorexia , on the second day sore throat begun .and unilateral conjunctivitis started with the weakness (history of exposure to affected patient ) the condition responded weakly to Paracetamol and strongly to NSAID. she was on 3rd day of her menstrual cycle on examination : the patient is lethargic well oriented and conscious abdomen :no palpable organ is felt no tenderness no pain. cervical LA auscultation :chest is clear with no added sound Renal function is normal . Vital sign : BP 109/67 HR 110 PMH :she had recurrent UTI Vaginits (4 times within 3 months ) she was taking Metronidazole for the condition and took different kinds of antibiotics for the same condition .



Vaginal and cervical SMEAR for GC, Candida, and Trichomonos Check VDRL,HIV Treat both partners Treat for all 3 problems ( Bacterial, Trichomonol candidial) Tinidazole+ ofloxacine + Clotrimazole vaginal ( or mycostatin) vaginal tablets

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