26 yrs old male with H/o high blood pressure off and on having pain left side chest and numbness on left arm.Interpret ECG and treatment??



Only significant finding in this ECG is poor R wave progression... there are no significant ST /T changes LVH voltage createria is barely touched - so not significant. No strain pattern - or what it's now called as repolarization abnormalities. Further evaluation is needed - LIKE 2D echocardiography , CXR,CBC As you have not mentioned the duration of symptoms assuming the mm to be acute.. TROPONIN LEVELS are advisable Although possibility is remote but if symptoms are acute...then Treat as USA untill proven otherwise.

LVH , nonspecific st t changes in inferior leads. Look for any causes for secondry hypertension.ask for 2D echo,lipid profile,good control of blood pressure. Can repeat ecg.

St depression in inferiolateral leads At this age we can't say LVH by ecg criteria Advise Echo to ruled out Structural Heart dieases

Poor Progression of R wave LVH ST-T changes in inferior leads Advice- 2D Echo...Strict BP control....sartans


Lv strain

Case history with bp it is unstable angina lvh tachycardia incomplete rbbb do 2 decho tropi & t dd cervical spondylosis

Biventricular strain Echo to asses valves and hypertrophy Ace inhibitors after assessing renal function

Wandering pacemaker: inf wall ischemia features: investigate for secondary HTN:R/O cardiomyopathy .

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