27 year old female presented with infertility and amenorrhea. She has undergone a pelvic ultrasound scan. Images are shown below.



Give her Tab Norethisterone 5 mg bd 5 days. She will have withdrawal bleeding. Start Krimson / Ginette 35.for 3 months. Give Myoinositol( MI) and D chiroinositol ( DCI). If obese start Metformin500 od. After 3 months,do ovulation induction with CC,and follicular study. In the meantime adv LH,FSH,TSH, Investigate the partner also.

Polycystic ovaries with thickened stroma.

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Typical PCOD bilaterally, necklace pattern seen. Do LH ,FSH, S.testosterone, fasting serrum.insulin. S.prolsctin on day 2./3. Correlate with scan. If obese adv wt reduction. Yoga .life style management. Tab krimson 35 OD for 6 months. Myoinositol 2 GM one sachet daily.tab chiocyst added. Myo: ciroinositol in the ratio of 40 : 1. Recheck scan if reduced go for induction. With tab cc and HMG. If PCOD+ go for laprosccopic puncturing of bilateral cysts. At the same r.time Chromotubatio n done for tubal patency and also hysteroscopy at same sitting. Endometrial biopsy for HPE and TBPCR done at same time.

Bilateral polycystic ovaries.Adv thyroid profile,s.prolactin,FSH,LH nd s.testosterone T.Norethisterone 5 mg bd for 5days.Wait for 2 to 15 days.After withdrawal bleeding start induction of ovulation with CC.

Bilat pco. Reason for infertility. Get her hormonal assay and then ovulation induction and follicular imaging.

Typical PCOS.


Polycystic ovaries, wait and watch.

Pcos bilateral practically i have seen metformin having better results than others krimson should b added nd check tft.ask ptl for wt reduction.

I have gone through a case where pt took krimson 35 only for one cycle nd complaind of leg pain doppler lunb showed dvt so b careful age of the pt was 26 .pcos pts alredy have dislipedemia

Adv FSH LH serum prolactin testosterone HbA1c insulin tests give tab DB 10 TDS for 3 days for withdrawal & then start Krimson35 3 courses. After that go for induction starting on third day of periods

Looks like PCOS. Give her a course of medroxyprogesterone 10 my twice daily for 5days and wait for withdrawal bleeding. After that give her a combination of myoinositol and D chiroinositol for 3 - 6 months. Metformin can also be given for infertility. In the meanwhile investigate for LH FSH ratio, fasting insulin. Life style modification if obese. Ovulation induction can also be done

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