27 yr female,secondary infertility 1st child 5 yr old,thyroid function report no previous thyroid diseases,no symptoms of hypothyroidism,mild goiter,no exopthalmos,your comment s



patient is having hyperthyroidism.witch shokud be treated by tab neomerkazole 10 ms tds. thyroid scan shd be done look for d other causes of secondary infertility.get hcg done along with other causes to be ruled out

I think less dose is required

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Get Free T3 n Free T4 done. Anti TPO Antibodies Search for other associated causes of secondary infertility. if planning for pregnancy then PTU is better choice then Carbimazol.

subclinical hypertthyroidism

Dr Prakash .She is a case of 2dary Infertility with borderline hyperthyroidism. Work up for Hsg or Rt or Ssg H_Semen Analysis. Regular follicular study for 3 cycles at least Rule hostile mucous. Correction of sub clinical hyperthyroidism by the Endocrinologist. Rule out galactorrhea & action accordingly.

type of heart disease, Nyhd staging, compensated or not, cardiologist opinion must, ASD VSD bed rest iron. moderate tosevere cases admission, diuretics, monitoring byphysicisn and obsmust. other wise referral.

if the pt has no symptoms there is no urgency .you can double check after one month with a fasting blood sample in differant lab.do tubal patency test.do tvs to ruleout pcos.

she is hyperthyroid,get USG neck done to look for nodules. start neomercazole 10 mg tds. repeat tft after 1 mth. consider surgery on the basis of usg. report.

oc pills, we reduction, pay smear, colposcopy, followup with investigations

free T 3 freeT 4. PT U is better choice.

hyperthyroidism ? drug induced

is it t3 toxicosis
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