28 year femel patent past of histree she is suffering for ringworm she is cure take 1 manth treatment but than Suffering other type of Virus. Genital part I think molluscum contagiosum Suggest me advice That's infection name And Treatment



Sulphur and Kali sulph

Merc sol 200


You can think about Nat.mur or Nit. ac.

Gandaka rasayana sarivadyasava.wash with triphala KC or panchavalkala KC . panchavalkala ointment for application.

Please share the case history and investigation done bsl , htn, mehsus 1) Swarn malini vasant vrihat 1 tab Chandra prabha vati 1 tab KamdudhaRas moti 1 tab Maha Lakshmi vilas Ras 1 tab. Gandhak Rasayan 1 tab 2) Somraji tail, Panderm plus oint Locally 3) Khadirarisht 1tsf bdpc 4) Panchtikt ghrit 5gmbd

Thank you doctor

Pustular eruptions Arnica 200 Echinacea q Calendula q May help you

Thank you doctor