typhoid fever with ITP

28yr female came to opd with h/o 3 days fever, continues in nature.she took levofloxacin 750mg and paracetamol for 3 days but still fever presist. Routine investigation done ,found IgG thyphoid positive and platelet 70000,WBC 7000 and rest all values are within range. She is k/o of ITP and on wysolone treatment since 7-8 yr. What should be line of treatment and what precautions should be taken.



Adv dengue profile Recheck platelet count tomorrow Now start with Inj.Monocef 1gm iv BD Inj.Pan 40mg iv BD Inj.PCT 100ml iv sos Monitor Blood pressure and GRBS chart Continue the wosulin according to the GRBS chart


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