28yr male having sample liquid filled bolo in groin starts from left groin which spread extensive after rupture and spread to groin and buttocks f/b left leg then right leg and then over neck.leasion is large and edges are inflamed with centre clear with brown discoloration.intnse itchy and sensitive to touch, sweating, relevied by cover part and itching,after itching itching till bleeding all complaints are started within 5month family history nil kindly diagnose and suggest treatment for same




Tinea corporis, complete case history needed for selection of similimum

What other things u want in history???

Case of tinea corporis complete case talking must be needed Graphite Tellurium Nat mur Rhus tox Sulphur Etc. some medicine for frequently useful in case of tinea corporis. allopathic treatment Fluconazole every 3 day taken for 1 months. Itroconazole bd for 15 days Levocetrizine bd for 15 days Terbinafine for 10 days Ketoconazole soap must be used in affected part. Don't apply any cream bcz it suppress Some advice Patient must be keep our clothes clean Underwear must be wash with soap or powder In summer season bathing two time in daily

Fluconazole, Itroconazole Terbina Ek sath use kar sakte h kya ?

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1st Image shows Tinea Corporis 2nd Image shows Bullous Pemphigoid Agree with @Dr. T Sankar Sir

@Dr. Subhashkumar Bharti Thanks sir, you are on right track.

This patient has two types if dermatological problem. (1) Annular plaque with circumferential active stage and central clerance seen on lower abdomen-- TAENIA CORPORIS ( not T.incognito) (2) Erosive,crusty, bullous with intervening clear skin found on buttock -- BULLOUS PEMPHIGOID Searching for any drug history and malignancy should be tried to find out.

Tinea corporis, bascillinum, Tillurium is helpful medicine

It's Tinea Corporis Please give complete symptoms. Becilinum-200 Tellurium-30 helpful medicine

TINEA INCOGNITO TINEA CORPORIS TINEA CRURIS TINEA GLUTEI Note-It is miasm will take time....so take detailed history....

Tenia corporis Sulph, mez, R. t , ars alb like medicine can work give after differentiating it... Ask to pt to maintain proper hygiene, ask to do not eat more spicy oily fermented sweetish food ...ask to drink plenty of water

Sulphur is predominant Fagopyrum30 Bacillinum1m Can be used

Dr Ranjit Kumar Poriya Homeopathy Tinea Corporis. * BACILLINUM, Tell , is Best.

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