28yrs/f suffering from redness of right eye(lateral side only) with itching, watering, foreign body sensation & agglutination in morning since 8days..no any history of trauma, injury & foreign body insertion..



This one looks like diffuse episcleritis. Points to be asked in history : 1. is it the first episode 2. any history of joint pains or any other systemic complaints treatment 1. eyedrop FMLT or lotepred 0.5 % QID 2. eye drop CMC 0.5 %QID Generally first episode does not need investigation but recurrent will warranty investigation for an autoimmune disorder/ infective cause like TB.

Thanks doctor for ur valuable opinion..this is the first episode, no any history of joint pains & other systemic complaints.

Good evening This is allergy eye disease. Most common allergan is dust and pollens in our practice. symptoms incluse ITCHING, Redness, watering and whitish ROPY discharge. This is usually bilateral but it may be asymmetric. Evert the lid and look for papillae Prevention: 1. Ask about history of asthma,allergic rhinitis 2. Ask history of previous episodes as usually it is seasonal but may be perennial in few cases. 3. Avoid allergan (dust etc.) 4. Avoid rubbing eyes 5. Cold compresses Treatment: 1. Antiallergic eyedrop like Pataday eyedrop twice daily 2. use lubricating eyedrop like flogel thrice daily 3. use soft steroid like FML : Pulse dose: in severe cases like this

plz provide composition of drugs.

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The best part is whatever be the lesion the treatment is still STEROIDS

Good evening Dr.Neha, Episcleritis can definitely be included in D/D. but episcleritis does not explain symptoms of itching,watering, discharge

Good evening dr vaibhav. I agree to your point but the localisation of the congestion to temporal conjunctiva and episclera goes against allergic conjunctivitis.

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status of vision not mentioned but this can be most probably allegic conjuctivitis .it can be treated with FML t eye drops 4 times per day and oral levocetrizine at night .the drug has to be tapered down slowly .cold compresses can be helpfil

Episcleritis rt eye polyflm B e/d cap indocap ER twice daily

This seems to be pingiculitis, as it is confined to one side on limbus, other side of conjuctiva is clear. tt loteprednol eye drops qid, antihistamines, astringent drops

I agree Dr Naveen bcoz the lesion is localised.

Allergies conjunctivitis treatment Antiinflammatory Eye drops QD 7 days and moxifloxacin plain eyes drops QD 7 days clean eyes with distilled water regularly.. don't work eyes with like concentration..


Looking like Allergic conjunctivitis.. Localized more towards limbus.. Go for steroid low dose tapering.. And of course some lubricating...

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