29/f 33 wks pregnant c/o Pedal edema +++ BP 110/80 mmHg weight : 62 Kg her attached reports



LFTs are needed..pedal edema may be physiological..What is her risk category for preeclampsia? Any h/o previous PIH or DM?IVF or natural conception? How is the growth of fetus? If all ok then routine care. High protein diet.. If anything is high risk for PIH then do Doppler and NST and manage accordingly..If any positive risk factor present you can consider giving steroids..otherwise only close weekly monitoring is needed..

Perfect Approach Sir....!

Anaemia with cystitis check serum protein may be due to pregnancy while sleeping keep 2 pillow below leg

Correct anaemia and treat for UTI with appropriate medications.

UTI in Pregnancy and Mild anaemia Start appropriate broad spectrum antibiotics Do C/S, LFT Give specific antibiotics after c/s results is ready Give iron therapy for anaemia Increase protein diet Raise legs at 15 - 30° above body Monitor BP, & protein level regularly

Get urine C/ S done and treat according to culture Get S.proteins done Oedema could be because of hypoproteinaemia If proteins normal don't worry Its because of gravid uterus Give routine iron , calcium, protein powder n antibiotics as per culture report Ask pt to keep legs in elevated position on pillows while sleeping And avoid long standing and hanging of legs

Correct anaemia and protein and pus cell in Urine suggest UTI ?

Treat uti and correct anemia.give her high protein diet

Uti do urine culture start gentamicin 80 1 imbdtillthe culture report

Pedal oedema is physiological Anaemia UTI treat accordingly

UTI and anaemia

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